Rumeli Journal of Historical Studies, which started its publication life with the December 2020 issue, has been completing its first year with the 2021 June issue. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our authors and referees for their contributions to our journal.

The 2021 December issue of the Rumeli Journal of Historical Studies was presented to the attention of those working in the field of history with four research articles. The articles in this issue are:

Düzcü sheds light on the modernization era with his article " State, Science and Technology: The expectation of the Ottoman Central Bureaucracy from the term Science in the Age of Modernization (1775-1838)".

Aksoy & Özçelik, with the article “Activities and Possessions of Rum Mehmed Pasha”, conveyed the practices in Ottoman history.

Ayaz & Doğruöz, with their article " Edirne “Vatandaş” newspaper and the 1954-1960 Democratic Party period", showed an important gap in the political life of the Republican period and the political situation of that period from the media perspective.

Şahan evaluated one of the cultural figures with his article “A portrait in the Balkan Bektashi poetry tradition: Derviş Kemal Özcan”.

We are waiting for the contributions of you, valuable researchers, for the next issue of the Rumeli Journal of History Studies, which accepts articles, translations and book critiques for the June 2022 issue. We hope that our new issue will contribute to the field of historical science.

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